Top Strip Clubs in Las Vegas and the Best Way to Experience Them

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We all want different things out of a party. Some love the chance to hang out with close friends and have a laugh. Others enjoy the booming bass and packed dancefloor of a nightclub. Then there are those with a real taste for the finer things in life. We’re talking eyes locked for an entire evening onto the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see and the glorious assets of Vegas’ hottest vixens inches from your face.

Strip clubs aren’t for everyone, but for those that appreciate the gift from the universe that is a half-naked beauty, Vegas is the city to be in. There is no shortage of strip clubs in Sin City, but not all of them are worth shelling out your money at. Some have that trailer park vibe, where the breakfast buffet is more enticing than the girls on the stage. Then there are the following 5 clubs, the shining stars of Las Vegas. When it comes to visual treats, these strip clubs know how to deliver.

Spearmint Rhino

Regarding entertainment, you won’t get much better than Spearmint Rhino. Sure, the name may seem silly, but the lineup of stunning dancers is far from it. From the elegance spread throughout the 18,000-sq. ft. club to the carefully selected entertainers that adorn the center stage, Spearmint Rhino knows exactly what men want. You won’t know where to fixate your eyes as there are 4 stages to focus on, each one commanded by a girl that knows how to entice.

Treat yourself to a lap dance with the friendliest and most mesmerizing girls in town. They have the moves that may make you briefly forget about “whats-her-face” that you’re marrying. A pair of private VIP lounges give you quality time with the girl of your choice while enclosed cabanas allow you – and your wallet – the chance to recuperate.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

One of the leading names in adult entertainment, Sapphire gives you two options – oggle girls in the cover of a dimly lit club or take the party under the sun. There is no wrong answer, especially as Sapphire masterfully selects the kinds of girls everyone wants to see topless. Though you’ll be focused on the club’s 4 stages and overhead catwalk, it will be hard to ignore the clubs massive space. At 70,000-sq. ft., you won’t feel cramped.

Sapphire has it all, which means decisions have to be made for a memorable bachelor party. Will you want to keep things casual and on the main floor, or does a private show with a girl that will live in your dreams sound more your speed? A selection of skyboxes offers a unique view of the club along with a private, themed evening, and you can’t forget the exclusivity of the VIP booths. Sapphire is all about variety, and it has built itself quick a menu of ladies, from natural red-heads to exotic beauties from across the Atlantic.

Crazy Horse 3

Variety is the spice of life. It’s also how you ensure a memorable bachelor party. That’s what makes Crazy Horse 3 such a sought after venue. The club knows not everyone loves surgically enhanced vixens and ensures its 4 stages showcase something for everyone.

If not for the topless girls, Crazy Horse 3 could pass as an ultra lounge with its swanky furnishing and ample mood lighting. It all comes together to create an atmosphere that’s easy to feel comfortable in, which may help for first-timers to this environment. What also helps is that the girls at Crazy Horse 3 are drop-dead gorgeous. You’ll be entranced by them, to where they don’t even have to suggest a private show.

Any bachelor party will feel at home within Crazy Horse 3’s private VIP space.


What’s to say about Treasures that the name doesn’t already indicate? While the name could refer to the ample space, the decorative furnishings, the semi-private rooms, or the skyboxes that overlook the club from the second floor, there’s no doubt it’s intended to describe the ladies taking over the 4 stages.

Treasures ensures there is something for everyone with its variety of girls. From Latinas with all the necessary assets to tattoo-covered vixens, no guy should have trouble finding someone that piques their interest. And once it’s piqued, it’s off to the glass-doored rooms where the evening really gets interesting.

There is plenty of space to enjoy yourself in this 27,000-sq. ft. strip club, but you’ll want to reserve your time for the private VIP section. If you thought the semi-private rooms get wild, imagine the memories made in the intimate space of the VIP area.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

The Hustler name is a well-known commodity that brings a little something special to Las Vegas. Located just south of the Strip, Larry Flynt’s adult entertainment space gives its girls 4 stages to dance on, which means there is plenty of bachelors to eye up in this 3-story club.

On the first floor, you’ll find the main stages and bars stocked with the finest liquor. Want to take home a piece of the Hustler Club? You can do so at the attached store. Head up a floor, and things get hot and heavy. A VIP stage and see-through catwalk accompany a selection of sky boxes and suites where bachelor parties enjoy the height of their evening.

Move up one more floor, and you’ll be on the roof. The party moves outside with comfortable furnishings and views of the Las Vegas Strip. When things get a little too hot on the second floor, you can escape to the roof to catch your breath.

What you can’t escape from are the sexy ladies found all over the Hustler Club, and they have an insatiable need to show you a good time.

The Strip Club Crawl

No two strip clubs are alike. That’s why we offer the option to see more than one club in a night with a Strip Club Crawl. While you would be willing to get on your hands and knees and crawl for the girls mastering the pole, you won’t have to with this VIP package. In one night, you’ll experience a selection of the finest strip clubs with luxury transportation prepped and ready to take you all over Vegas.

Enjoy cocktails in your private limousine as you’re carted from one strip club to the next during your most debaucherous evening. Make all the guys jealous by skipping the line as your VIP host takes you to your private table. You’ll have enough time to get comfortable and pick out your favorite girl before moving on to the next VIP experience at another top-rated Las Vegas strip club.

The Strip Club Crawl is the ultimate addition to a bachelor party and the best way to say goodbye to the freedom of single life.