Strip Club Crawl FAQ

What time do the Gentleman’s Clubs close?

Las Vegas Gentleman’s Club are open 24/7. We’ve personally seen the light of morning many times after a night of fun.

How old do I have to be?

Las Vegas Gentleman’s Clubs that we work with are 21+, since they serve alcohol. There are 18+ clubs out there, but we don’t work with them.

How much are lap dances? Private Dances etc

Dances in the main area are typically $20-25 for 2 songs, depending on the girl & venue. VIP Rooms & Private Dances cost more, but allow more privacy. 😉

How much are drinks? Bottles?

$10-15 for beers, drinks. More for special drinks like Red Bull/vodka.

What is Dress Code at a Gentleman’s Club, Stripclub?

Dress code at Las Vegas Stripclubs is slightly relaxed, compared to Nightclub Dress Code standards.

Can I take Selfies with entertainers?

Don’t we wish! Unfortunately, no. Photography inside Gentleman’s Clubs is strictly prohibited. This is to protect the identities of the Performers, along with the discreet Patrons. No Pics please. 🙂

What’s the best night of the week to do this?

Friday & Saturday seem to be the busiest & have the most variety for Entertainers. Thursday & Sunday are next busiest, with Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday typically being slower. Holiday weekends, fight weekends, or certain convention weekends can be very busy so plan ahead.

Do you take us back to our Hotel?

No, a return ride back to your hotel is not included. There are always Taxis & Uber/Lyft available. If you really want to have a return ride, we can add it for an additional fee depending on number of passengers (size of vehicle). Ask your Agent for details.

Can my Dad or Grandpa go?

Of course! As long as they have a valid picture ID, are in Dress Code, and are over 21 years old. Party time!

What time should I start my night?

We suggest starting your night some time around 9pm – 12midnight. This way you’ll have enough time to enjoy 1-2 hours at each club.

How will I find our transportation to the club?

We will contact you via Text & so will your driver(s). Please make sure we have a phone number that will be charged & available during your evening excursion.

Do we get a table also?

The Quickie & Original HottieHop do not come with a VIP Table reservation included. Our VIP package does however. Some clubs will allow guys to sit at Tables for free on slower nights, but don’t count on it. Especially on Weekends.

Can I just take a taxi or Uber/Lyft there?

Taxi & Uber/Lyft drivers can take you to Gentleman’s Clubs, but not with this program. These drivers usually get paid to bring people to the clubs, which can cause your Cover Charge to go up. We avoid all that by setting everything up for you in advance.

What happens if I get separated from my group?

Contact us or text one of your group members. Remember, we will have scheduled times your transportation will be in Valet for your next venue. Please keep this in mind & meet in valet as a group during your scheduled pickup time. This will create a smoother experience for your group.